Maren Morris Interview: How Her Marriage, Sexuality Inspired 'Girl'

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  • Release Date: 7 Mar 2019
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Themes of independence, equality and sexuality mark #MarenMorris' second studio album, #Girl. The first two concepts come as no surprise if you follow the "Girl" singer on social media or have listened to her debut album #Hero (2016) and the songs that came in between projects.

The burning love songs are remarkable in content and packaging. Morris tells Taste of Country that settling into womanhood and being comfortable with her woman body helped shape 'Girl' (March 8). "Make Out With Me" and "RSVP" are two examples. More subtle is "Good Woman," a patient piece of her heart that made husband #RyanHurd emotional when he heard it for the first time. Here you find the 28-year-old Texan listing the lengths she'd travel to ensure her man's happiness; it's perhaps her most vulnerable and revealing moment to date.

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[Maren Morris Interview: How Her Marriage, Sexuality Inspired 'Girl']


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