All About Value in Art: Light and Dark - Understanding the Elements of Art and Design

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Learn how to make Value Scales: This video is the third in a series about the Elements of Art and Design. These seven elements (line, shape, value, form, texture, color, and space) are found in every work of visual art, whether the artist put them there on purpose or not. Understanding the elements and how they work together is can help artists more effectively create the aesthetic they're trying for. Watch the whole Elements of Art Playlist: This video focuses on the third element: value. Value refers to light and dark - or the brightness of an area within your artwork. This can be created by shading or various other means. Understanding value and using value scales is important for increasing contrast as well as defining 3D forms. Value can also be used to emphasize certain personality characteristics or emotions. Look at your favorite works of art, and see how value is used in them. Look at your own artwork, and see how you can use more or less value variation to create different effects. The materials used are: Golden Fluid Acrylic (Titanium White): Golden Fluid Acrylic (Carbon Black): Golden Fluid Acrylic (Primary Magenta): 8x10 Canvas Board: 1/2" Flat Brush: Plastic Palette: * All links above are affiliate links, and purchasing from these links directly supports this channel. Thanks for your support! * Register for art lessons or buy original artwork: Buy prints, mugs, clothes, and more: Social Media: