KENNY CHESNEY Don't Blink Reaction


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Source Video - No copyright infringement intended. We do not own this video. This reaction constitutes Fair Use. Our PATREON Page - ENOMA stands for 'Easygoing Native Outsiders Making Assessments'. We (Kirti & Savio) are a married couple from India. We serve soulful, psychological and pure music reactions on a regular basis. We create LIVE, insightful, deep & honest reactions. We are two counselors, teachers & stay-at-home parents who enjoy listening to music for the first time. We take the time to give a good review of music that we listen to. We seek to understand a song's meaning. We often venture deep into the heart of a song to share a honest, sincere & educated assessment on it. We want you to have a great experience while watching our videos. And have a good time on our channel. Our 'post-reaction analysis' is based on our educational background, life experiences, rich culture & passion for music. As counselors, we are trained to observe & listen well. This helps us a lot during our reactions. Savio is excellent at reading in-between the lines. People say that I have good listening & observation skills. As a result, viewers get to watch good reactions on ENOMA every time. We love reacting to music from all over the world. It can be seen in the 1000+ reactions we've created. Our channel has the official name 'CAFE ENOMA'. We started posting videos on 12th May, 2018. We hit 1K subscribers on 1st July, 2018. 5K on 10th December, 2018. 10K on 24th March, 2019. 15K on 15th June, 2019. Don't subscribe to ENOMA just because we have a SUBSCRIBE button on our videos. SUBSCRIBE only if you liked this reaction & learned something interesting here. Thank you YOUTUBE for providing an amazing platform to showcase our psychological skills. Most viewers don't care much about what's inside this box. Thanks for taking the time to do so. #PureReaction #IndianCoupleReacts