Healthy Habits For Relaxing & Reducing Anxiety

Rachel Talbott

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Here are habits I try to keep on a regular basis, and definitely commit to when I'm feeling anxious or stressed.. It may seem like these habits take up so much time, but the key is to find the time and make it work for your schedule as best as you can. Stretch & Recover- Have you ever noticed how animals stretch when they wake up? It's amazing how much our body actually needs to stretch to release tension and pain. If the practice of yoga isn't for you, you can still do stretch flows that are amazing for your body, and feel as good as a massage or hot shower. Give yourself that minute for your body. It feels amazing, and keeps you flexible!! Heart Rate Up- As Elle Woods said in the movie Legally Blonde "Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy.. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands.. They just don't" haha The truth is, exercise has been proven to be a stress reducer and actually life your mood. This is one of the number one reasons I exercise. It gives me an incredible mood boost and energy boost. It's like therapy both mentally and physically, and one of my most important self care habits.. The added benefit is feeling and looking sexy in your own skin. Self Reflection & Prayer- Being mindful and focusing on truth. There is a lot of noise. I personally try not to dwell on hypotheticals, or fearful thoughts. I can't focus or change how other people run their lives or how other people think.. I only have control over my own thoughts, and being conscience of how my own thoughts affect how I think about my self and others, and ultimately how I live my life. Self reflection is about prioritizing time to be honest and real with myself and God. Only then can I personally shift my own thinking and create healthier habits. Connect With Nature- I'm all for technology detoxes, drama detox, and finding and escape and distraction outside.. It's a bit harder in the winter months, but it might be a hike, a run, stepping barefoot in the grass, touching soil, feeling the sun in your eyes and on your skin. Literally taking that time to stop and observe nature.. It's relaxing and truly healing. Develop A P.M. Routine - Here are a few things that help me establish a healthy bedtime routine. -Herbal Tea -Calm Supplement -Gravity Blanket -Candles -A Good Book -Calm App -Sleep Tracking App (aim for 7-8 hrs whenever possible) ♥MY WEBSITE: ♥MY SHOP: ♥TWITTER: ♥INSTAGRAM: ♥MY PINTEREST: ♥MUSIC CHANNEL: ♥VLOG CHANNEL: ♥HUBBYS COOKING CHANNEL: ♥FACEBOOK: ♥MAILING ADDRESS: 18653 Ventura Blvd., #655, Tarzana, CA 91356 * DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed are true &my own. I link affiliate links to make it easier for you to find the exact products I mention.....and... I LOVE YOU!!!! =) Thank you for supporting what I do!! ♥♥♥ THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO