Ghost In The Shell - Solid State Society Opening


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攻殻機動隊 GHOST IN THE SHELL: Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society Music by Yoko Kanno 「菅野 よう子」 Vocals by Origa & Heartsdales Lyrics by Origa Player Solid StateSociety In 2034, two years after the events of 2nd GIG, Major Motoko Kusanagi has left counter-terrorism task force Public Security Section 9. Togusa is leading a Section 9 field team to investigate several suicides by refugees from the Siak Republic. When they intercept Colonel Ka Gael (カ・ゲル大佐 Ka Geru Taisa), son of the exiled dictator General Ka Rum (カ・ルマ将軍 Ka Ruma Shōgun), who has taken a hostage to ensure safe passage out of Japan, he claims that the "Puppeteer" (傀儡廻 Kugutsumawashi) is coming for him, and he shoots himself in the head. Chief Daisuke Aramaki asks Prime Minister Yoko Kayabuki for permission to arrest Ka Rum for more information, but Kayabuki declines. Aramaki orders the raid regardless and Section 9 discovers that Ka Rum has been dead for some time, having been assassinated and staged to look like a suicide, with the word "Puppeteer" written in his blood. Section 9 also discovers that the Siak refugees plan to release a micromachine virus in a terrorist retaliation for Ka Rum's death...