Victory (Live) - Bethel Music

Victory (Live)

Bethel Music

  • Genre: Christian & Gospel
  • Release Date: 2019-01-25
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2019 Bethel Music


Play Title Time Download
Raise a Hallelujah 7:50  
Goodness of God 4:56  
Ain't No Grave 8:13  
Stand in Your Love 4:08  
Victory Is Yours 5:33  
There Is a Name 4:31  
Promises Never Fail 4:57  
Praise Is the Highway 4:52  
Drenched in Love 5:58  
Every Crown 4:39  
How Great a King 5:16  
Christ Is Risen 4:37  
Living Hope 5:04  
Endless Alleluia 5:23  


  • So right love it

    By by britton😸
    This song is not about who sings this song where it is blah blah blah it’s about praising Jesus and raising the hallelujah because he is our lord and Savior and if you don’t think that you’re wrong so all you one two and three star reviews change it to five now because he is alive and he is watching all you haters make bad reviews
  • Best Worship Album in YEARS

    By LaurieHates2Dots
    I have recommended this album to everyone that I know. EVERYONE. I usually love 2-3 songs on every album--but this one...every song but 2 of them is INCREDIBLE (and those 2 are just personal preference...still good songs, just not my thing). Kudos to the Bethel Music Team. An album called VICTORY...and it's all about VICTORY. Timely. Uplifting. Encouraging. Songs that you will wake up singing in your head. Move over personal top 10 Albums, VICTORY just took #1 spot! GREAT ALBUM.
  • Goodness Of God is awesome

    By Abraham Thomas 2012
    “Goodness of God” —what an awesome song. Lyrics, voice talent and arrangements all are really awesome. Great job guys. Blessings
  • Great Album (again)

    By Scottmarisa
    Just when you think they can't top their previous effort, Bethel Music does it again. "Goodness of God" is deep and moving. A powerful song. Congratuations to the whole team. (again)
  • Awesome

    By ExcitingFun
    I’m glad you made this song

    By riley_matthews
    Molly is my cousin, and I am SO PROUD OF HER. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️😃😃😃 THOSE TRUTHS ABOUT JESUS’ VICTORY, CHILLS, YOU GUYS. My mom and I were dancing around the house, and I felt the Spirit! Hallelujah! You go, Molly! And I love love love EVERYTHING Bethel Music does, so I’m sure I’ll love this album too! Also, um, in case you guys forgot, Amanda Cook and Steffany Gretzinger have just (or about to) released their own full albums, so... it makes sense. Also, I think it’s awesome that other people are leading and getting to be on the album! This album speaks truth, is anointing, and SPIRIT-FILLED. Buy it.😉
  • Support every direct worship band.

    By Nottelemarketer
    There are so few worship bands that produce direct worship of King Jesus. Bethel is a definitely one of them. Tides, and Have it all, to name two. If direct Worship is important to you, support those who produce it. Buy it, even if it’s not your favorite. You are funding the next album.
  • Raise a Hallelujah

    By SMM12ChildofGod
    Awesome song born out of an amazing story of God’s faithfulness!
  • For those who complain...

    By CourtCurtin
    Read Ecclesiastes 3. This album is stand alone and needs to not be compared to when your celebrity worship leaders participated in other albums. You make erroneous assumptions about why they aren’t on the album with no real knowledge. Just enjoy the inspired works of God. Also, this album is beautiful. It’s so well done, the songs are incredible and I’m glad to be exposed to even more great bethel artists!
  • Oh yes it’s finally released!

    By Kugelblitz
    A clone of every other album they’ve already released! Another $20 I can spend to listen to the same songs with different words! I swear Bethel is worse than Nickelback. Write something original. Oh wait, you can’t. New age brain dead congregation.

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