Vikings Chant - SKÁLD

Vikings Chant


  • Genre: World
  • Release Date: 2019-01-25
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2019 Decca Records France


Play Title Time Download
Enn Átti Loki Fleiri Börn 1:22  
Rún 2:40  
Valfreyjudrápa 3:06  
Níu 3:04  
Flúga 2:31  
Gleipnir 4:07  
Krákumál 3:19  
Ó Valhalla 3:34  
Ec Man Iõtna 1:58  
Yggdrasill 3:34  
Ódinn 3:07  
Ginnunga 4:08  
Jóga 3:34  


  • This is amazing

    By DankWaffle2015
    This album has opened my eyes to another genre of music that I never k ew existed until I saw the video for Rún on youtube. The reason I fell in love with this album so quickly is because it gives me an adventurous feeling. Like it’s taking me on a voyage to capture a few countries, fight a few battles, etc. I would have to say my personal three favorites are Rún, Jóga, and Yggdrasil. These songs just appeal to my taste, and that’s different for everyone. All in all this album is amazing, five stars, and I can’t wait for future albums!
  • Very moving

    By 2Dv8
    Powerful music that reaches your soul
  • Beautiful!

    By Kig917
    I’m an avid listener of Viking metal and hard rock but this.. this is just breathtakingly beautiful. The first song I heard from Skáld was Rún and I fell in love instantly. I bought some of their songs not too long ago (Rún, Ódinn, Gleipnir, and Ó Valhalla) but recently heard the song Fluga on YouTube. That’s when I immediately thought to myself, “Sod it, I’m just going to buy the entire album.” Their music is absolutely beautiful and I’d recommend them to any one. There isn’t a single bad song on the entire album.
  • Robert Porter

    By RobertOdinson
    Love this all around. Can’t wait to blast this at the Highland Games and it’s just an overall great album to listen to from start to finish.
  • Fantastic

    By Jester1711
    Makes for a great soundtrack to any activity from working, gaming, working out, or anything else. Absolutely fantastic and stunning music.
  • Amazing!!!

    By Vivix Valo
    It’s finally here!!! And it’s amazing! So glad I found this group! Hope everyone enjoys, I know I will! ^_^
  • Awesome

    By Odinn raven
    Can’t wait for the rest to be released!!!
  • Outstanding

    By visigrless boatman
    The songs currently released are amazing. Can't wait to purchase the rest of the album! Not sang in english but the overall composition breaks down the language bearier with ease. Again, I can't wait fo the rest! will purchase when available.
  • I gave it five stars because...

    By Kit Karamak
    I haven't heard the rest of the album to judge, but the first three available songs are excellent, and the arrangements are unique and fascinating. Take Ódinn, for example, it has a rhythm and cadence that stands out as unique. The band members have great voices, and the drums feel earthy and powerful, like the preparation of a battle. I typically listen to metal, but this touches the soul on a primal level. I enjoyed it immensely, all three songs, and I look forward to when the album comes out in less than four months. I will pre-order this soon, and look forward to hearing the rest of it. Apple iTunes suggested this to me based on all the Celtic, Viking, and folk metal I listen to. It was a breath of fresh air. If you're wondering if you should buy this album, then imagine Wardruna, but instead of all instruments, you have all singers. Yet Skáld has very much the same energy, here. Powerful, primal, passionate, and incredibly complex depth. I love it. And, no, by 'passionate,' I do not mean sensual. I mean impassioned, like a warrior about to step onto the battlefield for the first time, full of hope and courage, and wanting to live up to all the expectations set upon him or her. You can tell right away this band isn't made up of nervous bath maidens. They come at it with confidence and gusto, and right from the diaphragm. Maybe it's because the band is comprised of shield maidens and warriors. Maybe they're comprised of Einherjar and Valkyries. Maybe it's because they have the mighty weight of the Æsir on their side. Maybe they're half Jötunn like Thor, so they have the big powerful lungs of giants. I played the first three songs, and I grew a beard over night, and my chest hair became thick and luxurious. My wife approves. Thanks, Skáld! Look forward to when you drop the album! Until then, I will go í Viking with the first three songs!

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