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Why work with us

Working with us you can take control of your resale, improving the experience for fans who can’t attend, or who missed out on the original sale.

Our hands on partnerships managers will make sure that your event is properly set up, fully branded and ready for the smoothest experience.

We cut out profiteering with our 120% cap

Our partnerships managers deal with any questions

You can unlock a new revenue stream

You can eliminate ticket resale fraud

We make sure that no ticket goes to waste

We promote your events to our fans

What we offer

Extreme Security: SecureSwap

Through our SecureSwap technology, we check the validity of the barcode, invalidate that barcode and generate a brand new ticket with the new personal details.

The SecureSwap process guarantees that a buyer can get in to the show. If fans know that TicketSwap is the only place to buy and sell, then there will not be any trouble at the door.

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Secure Swap

What we offer

Ultimate Control: Sealed Tickets

Through our deeper integration we make sure that the ticket never leaves our ecosystem. The only place to buy and resell tickets is controlled by the ticket provider, organizer and TicketSwap.

Closed loop ticketing ensures that you see 100% of the transactions taking place. Tickets are only issued hours before the event, giving maximum control.

Sealed TicketsSealed Tickets

What we offer

Sell your primary tickets on TicketSwap

We offer a branded ticket shop which allows you to sell tickets directly, giving you access to fans who start their buying journey with us.

As the ticketing world innovates, we are helping partners stay ahead of the curve, giving greater control for promoters and organisers.

Official ticket shop
€70.00/ ticket

Official ticket shop
€192.00/ ticket

What our partners say

The partnerships managers at TicketSwap are always very responsive and truly supportive, which means we tackle most of all things within minutes. For DGTL it's important that we have a trusted partner for any potential reselling. TicketSwap offer the most reliable reselling possibility out there, which is a true comfort to our visitors.

Leroy KaandorpDGTLDGTL
Leroy KaandorpDGTL

TicketSwap is the essential tool for a secure second-hand transaction that gives our festival-goers the assurance of a valid ticket. The simplicity of the exchange, and their management of resale, allow us to focus on our core business: organizing Hellfest.

Anaïs DozoulHellfest

Everything has always gone very smoothly and automatically. We have the best communication with the Ticketswap employees. They are super fast, super friendly and think along. I think we as well as our fans are very happy that such a thing as Ticketswap exists. Life just got a little easier.

Ancienne BelgiqueAncienne Belgique
Anysa GrammenoudisAncienne Belgique

Over 8 million fans

Trust us with their tickets

6000 partners

Across 11 countries, 2 continents

13 currencies

For fans to buy and sell in their own currency

100% secure

Eliminate fraud with SecureSwap

12/7 support

Across phone, email and chat in 9 languages

20% cap on prices

Ensuring fans pay a fair price


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